Thakur Deshmukh



Thakur Dattatray Deshmukh

Last Official Thakur of Gadhi Kalamb

It all started before independence of Bharat Gana-Rajya. "His Highness Thakur Dattatrayrao Deshmukh", Nayak & conquered Duke in Nizam Dynasty ruled over Kalamb Mulukh. He was in possession of Inam property of approximately 2000 acres of Land & Gold Khajeenah. He had no children with his only wife "Her Highness Kamlabai". They adopted "His Highness Thakur Kisanrao Dattatray Deshmukh" from their relatives residing at Malegaon, Kalamb (within 7KM from Kalamb).

During his lifetime "His Highness Thakur Kisanrao Deshmukh" looked after duchy of Kalamb /Kalamb Mulukh.

During merger of Hyderabad province with Bharat Gana-Rajya 1947, he decided to form a Devsthan out of Paramparagat Temple in Gadhi/Stone Fortress of Kalamb through donation of 414 Acres of Land from Inam Property. Rest Inam was divided into successors and loyal servants of this royal family. The mere purpose of creation of Devsthan was to establish long running heritage in area, as a helping hand for in-need and worship of our "Kul-Daiwat - Datt Maharaj".

Our Temple is said to be equivalent to Ganagapur Datt Devsthan Peeth and its speciality is "Ekmukhi Datt Idol" a merger of Gods "Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh". Story has roots from Ekmukhi Datt Temple in Makegaon & our other Kul-Daiwat Mata Amba-Chandi near Dharur.

Late Dr. Thakur Hanamantrao Yogiraj Deshmukh was Gold-Medalist Topper MBBS from Osmania University Hyderabad. He spent his lifetime in serving this mulukh. He gave free of cost medical services for more than 45 years. Through his inspiration & work, all family is toiling to best themselves for service of nation.

Late Adv. Lakshmanrao Kisanrao Deshmukh lived his life in protection of this Devsthan and Inam property. He removed notorious Kul/illegal land possession.

Bapukaka i.e. Late Adv. Shridhar Vishwambhar Deshmukh has spent his life in fighting for freedom of land acquired by illegal means. He won the case in High Court ordering Nagar Parishad Kalamb to demolish the illegal construction on Devsthan Land.

There are many conspiracies about family members, but overall, all are working in view of benefit of Devsthan, and in a broader sense towards a bright future of People Democracy of Motherland BHARAT.